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 A22 FoxBat


  I recently installed a set of your VGS on my A22valor--( Fox Bat ) N708 FP  80 hp
this airplane is an awesome performer stock and i could solo fly it at 29 mph with full flap 
i  in stalled the full set wing and tail   + some in front of the trim tab  as it is not strong enough to trim at full flap
trim tab will neutralize controls with 1 noch of flap a slight improvement 
i can slow fly it dow the run way @ 25  a 4 mph improvement   \( Note at 20 its on the peg )  + the high angle may be affecting the accuracy ??
speed @ 4800- 86 mph  no change 
@5000 -90mph   a gain of 2 mph
@5200- 100 a gain of 4 mph 
@wot 5700  - 104  a loss of 2 ???? going to try that again
calm air take off    100 ft a gain of 50 ft
rate of climb   900 ft min before  no change  noted  as of yet
note the flapperons are set at 1.5deg neg  to gane speed   which lessons the flap angle 
this is just preliminary as it was breezy  one time,  11 gusting to 15, and calm the next time
the most noticeable thing was how it felt in rough air  much more docile felt like a heaver aircraft ( i dont like getting tossed around in rough air ) 100% improvement
i wasent expecting that  and still dont understand it  the vallor has a very fat wing and may bee the gusts were causing momentary stalls   i dont know ????
down final felt really solid even at a slower speed 
it hangs on longer on landing so the actual tuchdown  is slower thus the landing roll is much shorter  like 25% or more
over all good bang for the buck    the install  took about 2.5 hrs after i got started   dont put it off just do it 
Regards Arthur 
ps i own 8 aircraft   from a gyrocopter  to a jet 
and this is my all time favorite aircraft    now with the  VGS ITS EVEN BETTER