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I am located in Alaska and own a business called Fly Around Alaska.  I teach off airport/ bush flying.  To date I have given around 3,500 hours of dual to people in their Cubs.  These Cubs have every modification on them and I know them all well.
I also have the Artic's Air Junkies exhibition, experimental Nolen 5.  It is basically a wide J-3.  Originally it did not have flaps and I had Gurney flaps mounted to it.  It was a very slow flier with the Gurneys.  I won the third place spot at Valdez that year.  The stall speed was around 35 mph.  The pitch angle was pretty unruly and I would always bounce the tailwheel on the surface before the mains.  Then I researched your VG's.  I liked the fact that they had round tips and I could use my wing covers.  I also threw some math at it and figured they would do better than the other VG's on the market.  Boy was I right.  We added the VG's and made flaps out of Taylorcraft ailerons.  The flaps slowed it down to about 32 and your VG's knocked off another 6 mph.  I stall around 26 now.  What is even more amazing is I put them ahead of the rudder on the stabilizer.  I can now slip at angles unheard of and without fear of airflow separation spanwise.  It is pretty amazing what they have done.  I also don't have 3,000 dollars worth of slats in my way when I am putting gas in.
Thanks for a fine product.