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I’ve installed your VGs on my Bushcat/Cheetah airplane and I couldn’t be happier.

The test was conducted with an instructor and both of us are very impressed.



- Vs 50mph

-Vs1 45mph

-Vs0 40mph

The stall had no buffet warning and the nose dropped suddenly. Flare a bit too high at the landing would be a hard one.


After VGs installed on the wings only:

- Vs 38mph

-Vs1 35mph

-Vs0 30mph

The stall had a buffet and a gentle nose drop. Power on stall had a brutal nose drop. Soft landing, great low speed control.


After VGs installed on the horizontal stabilizer:

Vs 35 mph

Vs1 30mph

Vs0 30mph

The stall has no buffet anymore and no nose drop. Instructor not happy about this configuration for a training A/C.


I glued mine with marine silicone and I don't know what the UV resistance is. It might not be long term reliable but that was the only glue which worked for the trilam.

Conclusion: it worked on my aircraft! The improvement in lowering the stall speeds is dramatic. As well as the behavior at low speed.


Liviu, Namibia, Africa