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Adding a bicycle compartment to my Savannah

I've long wanted to be able to carry a bicycle in my aircraft. 

I travel around a lot in my little aircraft, and often camp out at country airfields, but most are farther than a comfortable walk to town, and even farther back after a good meal and a beer....

There are folding bicycles that would fit in the pax seat, but still take a lot of room, and the folding models with smaller wheels aren't much good for riding off-road...
This Dahon 'groove' has a fixed frame, just the handle bars, seat, and pedals fold, and the front wheel comes off easily. With the 20" 'Big apple' tires and suspension fore and aft it rides very well, both on and off-road.  I've made brackets to carry a 20 litre jerrycan on the x-bar, and it's very comfortable and stable, so I can easily carry mogas.

Very tempted to just build a roof rack on that flat deck, but of course way to much drag....

So this is the result.  A very tidy fit.

The bike weighs 12kg.  Moving the battery from just behind the main gear to the firewall, and 3litres of water that's on the pax floor when the bike is on board or in the compartment when the bike is out, makes for a good CofG.  That bike rides pretty much like a full-size one.

I reckon that new top line looks better than the flat deck, and does streamine the airflow a bit.

Now I'm looking forward to the next extended trip in May 09, when I can put it all to use!