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My present STOL Aircraft 

My Savannah, with VGs instead of slats.

Some reckon these are ugly with their flat metal sides.
I reckon they look just right for my purpose.
A real 'high-clearance' off-road 4WD.

Now with a bicycle compartment.
See (
Bike on Board)

Australia - Aerokits

It came as a rivet-together kit, matching holes pre-punched (they actually do line up!) Very easy to build.

Powered by a 100hp Rotax 912ULS

It’s an ideal machine for STOL performance -
The longer wing makes it way out-perform the already good CH701.
STOL performance is even better with VGs instead of the leading edge slats! 
1100 hrs in the first 6 years and it’s been a blast!

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