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G’Day I’m JG
Advertising experts tell me that a photograph of the proprietor inspires trust and confidence, so I guess I’d better include one..... 
In inland Australia the thermals get very rough by midday. 
It's much more comfortable in the shade of that high-lift wing.    

2000 hrs flying experience, mostly STOL related, and much of it remote area touring.
Always building, modifying, testing, and flying  Recreational (RA) Aircraft.
Enthusiastic experimenter, always seeking new discoveries.
Flying adventures into remote places has priority over business....


March 2010

I've just completed a move of home and workshop to a town near the airfield.  After 30 years of tinkering on many projects, and a hoarding nature, it was an enormous job.....

I used to have to drive nearly an hour to the airfield, and did that about 1500 times.....  It's a pleasant drive, but a tedious waste of time, especially when I would forget to bring a tool that I needed that day.....  Now I'll have much more time for tinkering and experimenting.

Cleaning out behind the workshop resulted in 200kg (440 lbs) of off-cuts of aluminium from many aircraft building/modifying/repairing projects, including several sets of slats from 701 and Savannah aircraft, all gone for recycling.....   That's the result of a lot of tinkering.....

Looking forward to a fresh start in a new workshop.