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Australian Lightwing
Just a short note regarding the low speed enhancement of my Australian Lightwing aircraft.
    The feathers were fitted as suggested with the result of 10kts reduction in smooth operation in the circuit down to 50 kts.  I did fit 35 VG Feathers on each wing and two rows of 10 each in the turtle deck area as advised due to the high angle of attack in this area.  With the previous lack of low speed feel and buffeting, this aircraft now floats as if hanging on a piece of string!  I fitted the VG Feathers with double sided tape to enable easy movement to other areas.  I have flown this aircraft across Bass Strait on 4 occasions when I lived in Tasmania and to many outlying areas of this country as a background of my experience, now living in Brisbane .  I have noticed a little reduction in stall speed with half flaps to a smooth 35 kts, have not tested with full flap but the stall is now not abrupt as it was previously,  Thanx for the info which I used to obtain the aero engineers advice with the final result being a much smoother well behaved aircraft.  Thanx JG for your adventurous outlook to conclude with this fine and inexpensive product.
Rob , Queensland   Australia


Rob's Australian Lightwing

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